Wednesday, June 3, 2009

feeling weird

.............the million seems dead now adays....................
well i hv been thinking, plying a hard time to improve myself had felt so different
now.things can feel not rigth and unright.
i met up wth hot stuff(chen chen) lost contact for a while now beta d, sexy sam(samantha) and reli i feel i hv lost so much of my good time at high school..and is so truth school is close to us sumtime even when v say v hate school well v dun...

can end of enoness well this coming month new things coming up
ian gonna get a special fren..a fren who understand ian
but ian got ntg more then that haha

the love is near

Saturday, May 23, 2009

wat a day

well everything start off in church reli is a blast when i finally c how prisca teach the children seriously... she can even say the story 3 time

yang yang
the trouble maker

tok alot

shawn (indian)

sweet shy silent type but she my favourite

oso fun love to show her talent

theres many all loving 1s but i oni can remember much
ok service time..

this was the first time i like to hear the speaker speaks
i reli forgot who iam already, i hv not been praying and asking help from god
iam 1 of the lamb of god, not local, but blessed wth good stuff and good to be the ppl of heaven.

ppl turn away from darkness c thru the lite

Monday, May 18, 2009

isnt wrong to be nice

mmm isnt it good when ppl say hi to u,remember yr bday, asking how ur day, calling u out for a drink.
so is good to be nice to ppl, but sum how not all ppl want to be treated the same as how nice u treat other like ur mother

i reli m confuse...i was toking to a fren then another fren pops out in msn
so i was jus wanna say hi, then after i got scolding i ponder iam ur fren but she say it is ok to be ur fren juz that the way i are... of coz wat do u call me out all the time, all the while u were like...hmmm anyway im juz piss of juz being nice and ppl dun c it...

alot of ppl is so good in asking
lucky im not that person

Sunday, May 10, 2009

moonlite dinner

well i wonder y i din even think about moonlite dinner b4
all the time in the resturant poking and looking at ppl dunno wat to do dunno wat to say
i started to ponder y idiot like us keep spending money to food then can even make by us.
many ppl think that expensive dinner can make the ladies go wow wow, wats thats this gonna to with anything? juz imagine if i pullout a hundo well u think u will fall on to me.think man it look stupid enuf already. haha

normally v do such pathetic way to wow the ladies, but wats the point wowing for juz a moment. if u love sum1 juz hold her or hug her.stand up to her or to simple thts the way but sum1 asshole thinks he got the money but standing up for her nah dun even think about it.

but anyway this is about moonlite dinner..actually im single and i thinking of hving moonlite dinner with sum1 i knew reli reli long and spending the time with the person is no harm.. all v need is a bottle of apple wine(so no drunk K L)and a cake etc.haha..after then yam sing hahaha...seriously dun do that thats y i hate going to chinese dinner so can be beautiful,even i think is beautiful.L juz be normal ur not alone now u got YNF as friend y need stupid ppl in ur life u got to be strong so shut it when comes to calls,shut it day v go moonlite dinner k

Thursday, May 7, 2009

happy to know

day past damn crazy fast..i din know im so slow behind time
walking around plying with my ipod, p.c, looking thru my time table.
i wasted so much time on my slp i lazy to even open up my eyes
looking at the sun can even hurt my eyes.

my chat with my old time school sis she doing fine, still hving her hot attitude
audrey my X she still hving lame boring character..crz she forever busy with sumthing no mummy relative story, and upcoming trip SINGAPORE cant wait to c my beloved auntie there..pris my hot cousin V watch barcelona and chelsea 1-1 but chelsea is off the semi ur on to final list BE CHAMP ok MESSI U furking need to eat more to get tall..
lydia d
cant say much about her

ok la my boring time is wasted too much on youtube ill maybe drop by my hot stuff sis next week to give her a hahaha wow in her face

Sunday, May 3, 2009

feeling down and under

reli nowadays doesnt seem clear enuf for me to feel glad to be free of anything tht come by,it been awhile i left the million empty i reli want to see sum crazy things about to happen like world war 4, alien come to destroy the human, end of the world, come on wat happen to the world
not enuf to earn a living or wat money issue everytime nnow wats the worst problem ppl hv to face JOBs,OMG money is so hard to earn now, when that happen things get super $$$ it almost kill ppl who make 1000 a year. CAR, HOUSE, FOOD no saving man.

if u want to change that ppl please go look for chances, ur paper r not important already study may have a chance but try wroking part time to support urself i myself wont want to be poor
i want to live highly upon others.but the road is so narrow. can ppl buy stuff maybe so but can it make u rich or support ur family think man seriously. i hate the coming days FUCK THE WORLD MAN

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


working was fun ppl was fun
and they say i cant click wth them
i dunno y
i love them all i reli do
juz that they can juz make me feel easy
but they cant do so, i want to act like them, be like them
juz that the idiot side of me cant seem to understand the reason of working togather
all they want his a leader and sum1 that can make money I KNOW!!!!!!!!
the chances is the main thing that keeps me goin but to apply the step is the worse up come
team fighter.... im a fighter but it seem im a loser....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
i think the problem is me myself i think is time to change i hv to stop being like a stone
make every1 get shock